Who Is The R.A.C.E. Group?
The Redeemed Arts Career Experience Group, is a registered entity of Redeemed Arts LLC a Missouri registered limited liability corporation. The R.A.C.E. Group is the creative vision of Louis and Tiffany Hall, a husband and wife team with nearly 40-years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Leadership, and the Arts.

After over a decade of organizing community events, workshops, and working as a performing and visual artist in events throughout the United States, Louis identified a need many creatives struggle with. Similar to himself, the creative has an impressive corporate skill set and education but desires to be compensated for their creative skillset. Unfortunately, it is less likely to find an opportunity in the arts as it is in a traditional corporate climate.

Because of these experiences personally, and indirect experiences of individuals being overlooked for opportunities, Louis and Tiffany, founded the R.A.C.E. Group to provide a platform that supports creatives, under-represented and underserved individuals in finding roles that align with holistic success. These opportunities ranged from temporary performing artists opportunities to long-term graphic artists and anything in between.

Tiffany is an experienced couples-swing dancer, accomplished Human Resources senior leader, and prior Executive Recruiter. Louis is an accomplished playwright, actor, visual artist, youth arts educator, and organizational strategy and development leader. Combined they set the R.A.C.E. Group wheels in motion.

Just as Redeemed Arts LLC strives to bridge the gap in our communities through the arts, we will do the same in the career services industry. We are committed to revitalizing our communities through the Redeemed Arts Community Experience.
Why Choose Us?
The Redeemed Arts Career Experience Group is dedicated to supporting the creative, technical,
administrative professional, marginalized, and the companies that employ them.
Recruiting Services
Whether you need a full-time direct-hire, or a temporary contract professional, The R.A.C.E. Group is here to serve.
Placement Services
We specialize in supporting and placing creatives, administrative professionals, and organizational people and process leaders.
Career Consultation
Are you seeking to grow in your current industry? Maybe you are considering a complete change. Whatever the goal, we are here to help.
Our events are designed to live out our mission of creating a community experience. The events are hosted virtually and in-person (socially distanced).
Redeemed Arts LLC is an organization with a vision beyond creating art or providing entertainment. For this reason, we have a robust set of brand affiliations but the ultimate goal is to create a holistic Community Experience. The Vision, Mission, and Core Values for all Redeemed Arts LLC brands are the same and we desire to make them a way of life for all that partner with us.
Our Vision
Building bridges for better communities of strong, compassionate, and creative residents through the arts.
Our Mission
The community's all-inclusive safe hub for artistic expression, social gathering, and cultural enrichment; that incubates and inspires new art participants, art-makers, and organizations.
Core Values
Respond With GRACE
Respond With SERVICE
Respond With INTEGRITY
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